Ever dance with the devil in the pale moon light?

Beware those nips and bites.

Remus Lupin
21 March
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†General Data†

•Name: Remus J. Lupin (Janus)

•Nicknames: Remmy, Rems, Moony

•Gender: Male

•Orientation: Homosexual

•Age: 36

•Birthday: March 21, 1961

•Wand: Maple, 13 ½ inches, Unicorn hair, whippy

•Occupation: Former Resistance Leader

•Affiliation: Resistance.

•Blood: Half-blood.

•Education: Fully-trained Wizard

†Physical Data†
•Height: 5'8"

•Weight: Roughly about 180 pouncs the majority of the month, while being considerably lighter around the Full Moons, due to depleted eating habits.

•Eyes/ Vision/ Glasses: Dull Green/ 20-20 (if not better)/ Wire-rimmed glasses (Lupin is far-sighted, and needs them for readings languages in books)

•Hair: Sandy-blond/Greying hair. Mid-ear. Unkempt at times.

•Face/Complexion: His complexion, despite being naturally pale, has the look of rosy 'wind-blown' cheeks.

•Build: Average build; Looks sckrawny due to his advanced metabolism burning everything he eats very fast.

•Defining Marks: Scars across his face, as well as the original bite mark on his left shoulder. One tattoo on his shoulder that he usually keeps covered up [It was an impulse].

•Hearing: Higher than average.
•Left/ Right/ Ambi: Right.

•Disabilities/ Handicaps: Werewolf.

•Health: He appears to be in sick state in most cases, but he is usually in tip-top shape. The days before a Full Moon differ, as some days he looks like he is the healthiest he can be, while other Full Moons make it seem like he could be finished off with a simple hex.

•IQ: Just slightly above average [Depends on how he uses it.]

•Home: A small cabin a few miles outside of Manchester.

•Finance: He is far from poor, but he spends only what he has to to survive.

•Dress Style: Not a sharp dresser at all. Tends to go towards casual, if not shabby. He's not particularly hung up on his appearance, but that does not take away from the fact that he doesn't TRY and fix himself up. It just never works out the way he wants. He keeps his hair neatly trimmed as much as possible, as well as his clothes kept clean. Even if they are shabby.

•Possessions always on this person: Wand and chocolate.

•Manner of Speech: Formal British. Thoughtful and usually well-paced when not talking with closer acquantices. Tendency to have everything well worked out in his speech. When he's particulary excited about something, his words become more ecstatic, whilst his words becoming rather jumbled and stuttery. He prefers not to use slang, such as 'bloody', unless it's something he's angry about or passionate about.

•Manner of Movement: Every movement looks deliberate and thought out, unless caught in the moment. Rather good at making up quick lies when needed.

•Current Crush: His current crush always was and always will be Sirius Black. At one point, he deemed this crush dead due to Sirius falling through the Veil. But since he came back, the crush on him was awakened once more. But he was never emotionally attached to him, nor ever told the boy (or the man) how he felt for him, due to the possibility that he would be rejected.

•Extrovert/Introvert: In the past, he used to be either/or. But he is now more Introverted.

•Phobias/Fears: The Full Moon; At times, even himself. Being rejected.

•Mental Health: Quite sane, for the most part.

•Goals/Dreams: To be cured of being a werewolf. Create a program center for Lycanthropes, allowing them to find jobs that are willing to hire them just like any other employee; Giving living conditions for Werewolves that don't have anywhere to turn to (especially for those that are new to the curse); Have a distribution center for the Wolfsbane Potion for Werewolves that want to stay safe when they change.

•Quirks/Habits: Lupin tends to appear as an emotionally cool person to others, and even to himself at times. When the wolf is more present and he has trouble controlling it's actions, his habits become more selfish in every sense of the word. Yet, he is usually soft-spoken, cheerful yet analytical, polite. Eats chocolate at times like his life depends on it. Tends to get quiet when he's lost in thought.

Despite this, Lupin can be very forgetful, depending on how much stress he is dealing with. At times, he forgets what he is saying or doing, even in the middle of the doing them; or he gets absorbed in doing something and forgets to eat or sleep or comb his hair. When he is working on something, he can tend to get consumed by it, working non-stop until late hours of the night until he is done. (However, sometimes he does fall asleep in the midst of his work if he is particularly exhausted. Mainly, he does not go to bed some nights.) He doesn't tend to like to leave things unfinished; he likes to have that sense of completion/closure. He doesn't like the take the lead in things, nor does he like to show his ignorance by asking too many questions.

•Hobbies: Reading, quite fond of opera but rarely gets to go. He enjoys reading histories, biographies, and the like. He has an odd fascination with watching and studying the stars, being a good friend to any that choose for his company, and eating chocolate. Lupin is a rather good cook, having had to learn at a young age how to manage for himself before he ever came to Hogwarts. Ironically, he loves the night, and goes outside very often to think. He has a rather compulsive tendency to doodle on anything that he can.

•Likes: He likes books, reading, ice cold tea, classical and Big Band/Swing music, and particularly fond of sweet pastries (preferably chocolate-filled). He likes to be accepted. Stars, going to Hogsmeade with others, Butterbeer, mythology, astronomy, any but the full moon. He loves to watch others, when they don't notice anybody is watching them. And chocolate is a given.

•Dislikes: Death, killing (he'll do it if he has to), talking about past family, bigots. Losing his temper. Having his curiousity get the better of him, as it tends to get him more in hot water than necessary. Being a werewolf. Rejection. War in general. Being alone.

•First Impression: Calm, intelligent, absent-minded, semi-aloof. Reserved. Gets more talkative the more closer you get to him.

•Philosophy of Life: Just live life as you want to live it. It might no longer be in your hands the next time you open your eyes.

•Phrase he uses often: "Oh?" "Yes, well.." "Are you sure?"

•Often: Smiles; chuckles; raising a lone eyebrow at things that amuse him. Can be a tad impatient at times. Taps his left foot radidly when he is nervous. Likes to touch things (hand on the shoulder, hand, etc.)

•Creativity: At a minimum due to his time spent at his cabin. (Not too much to intrigue him)

•Academic Strengths: Potions (Identifying part), Charms, Divination (when being serious about it), D.A.D.A.

•Academic Weaknesses: Potions (The actual brewing), Herbology, Muggle Studies.

†Background Data:†
• Family:
Father: Rhea A. Jeovany
Mother: Ares D. Jeovany
Siblings: None.

• Family History: Remus had a loving but somewhat strained relationship with his parents. Indeed, they were very loyal to him, not abandoning him when he became a huge responsibility as a werewolf, and they were dedicated to finding a way to cure their only child. However, in some sense, they had unrealistic expectations. They'd always been a family stressing "mind over matter" and they felt that Lupin could/would have more control over his 'affliction' if he had merely set his mind to it. In other ways, Lupin has always felt like a burden on his parents.

• Personal History: He was born on March 21, 1960, and christened Remus Jeovany; however, 'Lupin' is not his birth family name. That is the name his parents bestowed on him when he was eleven years old, prior to his departure for Hogwarts. When the letter of acceptance from the
auspicious wizarding school arrived, they were both relieved that he would be absent for most of the year until he reached adulthood, and alarmed that he would be living among innocent young people, whom he might harm in his wolf-form.

Although they agreed to allow him to attend and to keep his lycanthropy a secret, they insisted on the name change. Remus never inquired why, either then or later in life; he assumes that it was yet one more way to distance themselves from him, and also, perhaps, a 'subtle' warning to all those who might encounter him at Hogwarts and beyond. Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall were aware of the change, as the name of the boy to whom the acceptance letter was sent differed from the name of the boy who arrived and was subsequently sorted into Gryffindor. They are the only
living persons (albeit the family) who are aware of Remus' family name.

Bitten when he was five years old, Remus remembers very little about the attack itself. What he remembers most are the fear of being trapped beneath the heavy beast, and the pain of its teeth in his left shoulder. Beyond that, he remembers little of what happened, or how his father managed to free him from the beast before it could kill him. The attack was not something about which his family encouraged him to discuss or ask questions, and Remus soon learnt to feel ashamed, thanks to their barely concealed horror and disgust of what their only-born had become. Despite this, his parents attempted to show him as much love as they could, but there was always a distance between them
all, as there was obvious resentment of his 'disease'.

By the time he went to Hogwarts, the formerly bright, inquisitive, mischievous boy had learnt to live behind a mask of calm and quiet, not drawing attention to himself unless absolutely neccessary.

That was about to change.

On his first night at Hogwarts, Remus found himself sharing a room with three boys who would become his closest and dearest friends: Sirius Black, James Potter, and Peter Pettigrew. By the end of their first year, the four boys had become inseparable, and they had successfully drawn Remus out of his shell. They had also learnt the secret of his lycanthropy, when they cornered him one night in their dorm room.

The four young men quickly gained a reputation as intelligent boys, but also as mischief-makers, the ones most likely to be sneaking around after curfew beneath James' invisibility cloak, using a map they had pooled their talents to create in order to avoid detection. The Marauder's Map was just one of several magical items created by Mssrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs; however, the most significant magical advancement they made outside of their studies was mastering Animagus magic together. For the first time, Remus did not have to spend the nights of his transformation alone in the Shrieking Shack; in fact, they were often foolish enough to leave the shack, Sirius, James, and Peter confident that they could corral Remus so that he wouldn't harm any human victims.

Due to the popularity he enjoyed that came along with being with his friends, Remus very occasionally would date. Unlike his other friends, he was never a person to get anothers attention especially when he wanted it. It wasn't that he was shy about the whole ordeal, it was basically that he was never good at bringing up a normal conversation with those that caught his eye. If he did, however, date, they were usually short-term relationships, as he was very reluctant to join into a serious relationship, where his 'secret' might come out about him.

The fact that he had a crush on none other than one of his best friends, Sirius Black, never made anything better. however, during their fifth year at Hogwarts, it was proven that Sirius returned his feelings and they began a relationship. They were going pretty steady, until towards the end of their fifth year at Hogwarts, when Sirius sent Severus down to the Shrieking Shack to spy on Remus. While James finally forgave him after a few weeks, it took a much longer time for Remus to forgive Sirius. After a few months, he finally broke down and forgave him, taking him back and they began where they had left off.

Nonetheless, this incident served to reinforce Remus' perception of himself as a monster, and he subsequently withdrew from most people outside of his three close friends (and Lily Evans by that time), although with those whom he considered his family - his 'pack' - he was still quite open, relaxed and could be coaxed into decidedly unreserved behaviour, especially when drunk (he will answer anything about anything when you place chocolate-flavoured alcohol infront of him after a few drinks).

Soon after Graduation at Hogwarts, Remus and Sirius moved into a flat, where Sirius went to the Ministry to work as an Auror. Remus attempted to find work, but given his condition he was not able to find one that was 'clean enough for his Remus' from Sirius' eyes. After a while, word was delivered to both Sirius and Remus that Albus Dumbledore had created a secret order called The Order of the Phoenix, which was to help against Voldemort and his DeathEaters.

After time, word then came around that the Potters were the next targets for an attack. They (with baby Harry) went to hiding shortly after learning this, whilst making Sirius as their Secret-Keeper. Unknownst to Remus, Sirius secretly had changed the Secret-Keeper to Peter. On November 1st, Remus woke up to hear the Muggle television blaring news of the accident. Remus was lost. He didn't quite know what to believe. Was the man that he loved really the one responsible behind the killing of the Potters? The ones

However, he soon found himself very much alone again when James and Peter were killed and Sirius was sent to Azkaban for their murders. It was very difficult for him to accept that Sirius was a killer, but evidence being as it was Lupin began to believe that he had not really known Sirius as well as he thought, although he wished with all of his heart that evidence could be brought to his eyes that would prove him innocent, but sadly, it didn't until Harry's third year at Hogwarts.

Lupin felt very lost over the years. Despite his decent grades, he could not find a job because of discrimination against werewolves (and his circumstances being as they were, he could not hide this from his employers). He picked up odd jobs where he could, but his finances were depleted and Lupin lived a rather improvised life. However, Lupin had never grown up with much luxury, so this did not bother him as much as his loneliness. It seemed a godsend when Lupin was invited by Dumbledore to teach at Hogwarts. That was by far one of his better years, and even when he lost his job, he'd regained his friend, Sirius Black, who he discovered was actually innocent of the crimes that had been placed on him. He also found out the real reasons why Sirius hadn't come to him with duty of the Secret-Keeper, which finally removed a burden on him that he didn't know he was carrying.

When Remus and Sirius reunited in the Shrieking Shack during Harry's third year, giving each other a 'brotherly hug'. They neither discussed anything more than that until the end of Harry's fourth year, when Sirius had been told by Dumbledore to 'lie low at Lupin's'. Time wasn't easy on them, and they attempted to work through everything. Eventually, they were both able to break through the walls the other person had built up over the years, and they assumed their relationship from the years before.

Since Sirius' childhood home, Grimmauld Place, was the new place for the Order of the Phoenix, Remus went to live there with Sirius.

During Harry's Fifth Year, at the Department of Mysteries, Sirius Black was hit by a spell cast by Bellatrix Lestrange, causing him to fall through the Veil, which supposedly meant death to anyone that fell beyond it's blue veil. Lupin was immediately very distraught over this, regaining his senses together before Harry (and even, himself) could jump in after him, to try and save him. He knew it was not possible. He somehow felt responsible for Sirius' death, since it was he that hadn't been able to keep Sirius from leaving the House. He also felt responsible especially when Harry yelled at him for it later. The depression that he went through after Sirius' arrest for Lily and James' murder came back, threefold.

Although he had felt lost over the years in the years, Remus knew he was lost now. In the past, there had always been vague chance at getting Sirius back, but with this new ordeal, it shot any hopes down. Remus became depressed, and spent most of his time alone at Grimmauld Place following this. Although despite this, he always felt a nagging at the back of his mind that Sirius was still alive, so he never gave up hope that one day he'd return to him.

Not three months later, Sirius re-appeared in Egypt in a tomb where, fortunately, Bill Weasley was doing an excavation of the answering portal at the time. Bill and Fleur brought Sirius back with them to London, where he was taken immeditally to Hogwarts. Remus was in shock when he had been contacted by Dumbledore with the news, and he and Harry apparated close to Hogwarts grounds before arriving at the school. Remus knew that his state was less than appealing (he had lost considable weight during the coarse of the last two months), but he was extremely happy to have Sirius back in their lives. Unsure of what exactly the Veil did to him mentally, Remus did not attempt to get back into their old relationship as quickly as they had been before. Once Sirius became adjusted to everything, then perhaps. After meeting at Hogwarts, they returned not to Grimmauld Place but to Lupin's cottage for the remainder of the Summer.

When the school term began that year, it started out well until some odd things began to happen. When Albus Dumbledore went into a comatose state following some pumpkin juice, it sent the students up into a panic. The students were hearded up to their dormitories immediately following this. To help getting the students minds off the well-being of their Headmaster, a Hogsmeade trip was arraigned. Remus and Sirius met Harry, Ron, and Hermione at the Hogs Head, which might ease them up a bit more, if only Harry from seeing his Godfather. That night, the Minister of Magic was found murdered by Lucius Malfoy and that was the beginning of the attack of Hogsmeade. Remus and Sirius told the students to go back to Hogwarts through the secret passageway in Honeydukes. During the attack, Ron found a rat trying to escape it all, whom he wrapped up in his jacket tightly so he could escape nor transform.

Harry Potter and other Aurors finally chased away the remaining DeathEaters from the village. After such attack, four people were killed; Kevin Entwhistle, Sally-Anna Perks, Theodore Notts, and Kingsley Shacklebolt. Peter Pettigrew was soon handed over to the Ministry where he confessed everything, allowing Sirius to have the full pardon that he so rightfully deserved. Unfortunately, Peter's trial took longer than expected, and eventually Peter escaped.

Harry was put back into hiding, along with Remus and Sirius. Not being able to find a suitable place to place them, they placed them in the house that had been built over the ruins of Godric's Hollow. The effect of being in the house had a negative effect on them all, but not as bad as it had on Sirius. When the Dark Mark began to appear all over Europe soon afterwards, especially with a few hitting close to where they were hiding at, Sirius and Harry were moved to Hogwarts, while Remus went back to his house where he continued with whatever Order business that he could.

•Conclusion: Remus Lupin never has liked himself a great deal, but he flatly refuses to let this escape out into his everyday actions or his words. He'll occasionally bring himself down, but it's only when he's stressed about something or the wolf is more intact. He cares for many things, but he also has many fears a few things above all; Biting someone while in the transformed, and being found out to be a werewolf and treated accordingly. Due to this, he tends to keep anything dealing with that aspect, to himself. He'll joke around with the fact when around certain people (E.G. Sirius), or act as normal, but when anyone else mentions anything about his or Lycanthropy in general, his laughter seems to end there, as it's not always a joking matter with him. He knows that there are people that would see him for the human that he is for the 28 days out of the month, but from past influences, he also knows to never place trust in every individual, mainly due to the fact of how many fear and loathe people with his 'disease'. They'd tend to look beyond the fact that this was not a chosen fate for him, and tend to treat him like he was a monster, regardless.